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Most widely used digital signature solution in the world!

i-Kno is proud to be a partner of CoSign. i-Kno assists organisations to implement and support their digital signature solutions using CoSign. i-Kno has integrated digital signature solutions into their solution offerings, thus making the step towards a fully paper-"less" environment a breeze.

CoSign has helped large enterprises, SMBs and government organisations around the world quickly transform their signature-dependent processes from paper-intensive to paper-free. Our millions of users are proof of how easy it is to quickly achieve ROI by significantly reducing process times, expediting document turnarounds and cutting paper-related costs.

  • Sign directly in Word, Excel, PDF, Seafile, Alfresco and other applications
  • Use any computer, tablet or mobile device to sign documents
  • Integrate with your existing DM/ECM/BPM/workflow solution
  • Ensure that your existing workflows/policies remain the same
  • Save data inside their IT network, never on third party servers
  • Comply with strict industry & government-specific regulations
  • Retain easily verifiable proof of signer identity & data integrity

Learn more about CoSign to see if it's right for you