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Enterprise Search

With data scattered all over an organisation and with the exponential growth of data, the importance of having one centralised view of your data is becoming more crucial by the minute. Furthermore, data is not only scattered within your organisation’s servers, but are scattered across the Internet and across the devices of your employees.

The time it takes an employee to find the right information at the right time with all the scattered data is costing organisations millions on an annual basis. Not only is time wasted but, in a lot of cases the wrong information are being presented that could lead to the wrong decision at the wrong time.

i-Kno has the expertise and know-how to leverage current open source technologies to allow organisations to have a central enterprise searchable repository of all data that is relevant to that organisation. With the solutions of i-Kno, shared drives, enterprise content management systems, the web, web drives, databases and more data sources can be interrogated for specific data to reside within an organisation’s own searchable repository.

Searchable fields and data that is relevant will be indexed, leaving the source application and data intact where they belong. With one search interface the data of disparate sources are being searched and results returned to the searcher. Once the searcher is satisfied with the items returned, a simple click can take the searcher directly to the source of the data.

Federated searches, as well as semantic searches can be done on the data making the results much more relevant and faster than traditional searches.

i-Kno uses current open source technologies to deliver state of the art solutions to our clients. The solution can be tailored to the exact needs of each organisation, thus allowing the professionals of an organisation to concentrate on the business at hand, rather than spending their valuable time on searching for information.

In addition to searchable data and indexes, powerful data analytic tools and dashboards are provided as an added benefit. This will allow organisations to make more sense of their data and will allow decision makers to make decisions faster and more accurate.