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i-Kno prides itself on providing solutions not products. Each implementation that i-Kno does, focuses on the solution that our clients need and not the product.

By focusing on the solution to a specific business challenge, i-Kno can focus on what a tool needs to accomplish rather than looking at what a tool can do and then adjusting the business to fit the tool.

Most often when tools or products are selected, clients focus on the features of products and have a one-on-one comparison between the feature sets of different products. The product that has the most features wins the battle and gets selected as the tool of choice. In most of these cases the product fails in providing a solution that will fit the organisation and becomes another statistic in failed products.

At i-Kno we believe that we need to understand the needs of clients and as such need to focus on a solution for those needs. Instead of being a "swiss-knife" for each client, our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We also understand that solutions are a combination of people, process and tools, and by focusing on the people and process the tool can be adjusted to meet the needs of our clients.

Some of the Solutions that i-Kno have successfully provided to our clients include:

i-Kno has a history of providing excellent solutions and implementations to our clients, as such i-Kno uses a methodology that will ensure that solutions are used and does not become another statistic in unsuccessful implementations.